Watch this, rewind it and watch it again. Listen at the end, understand what she is saying. Listen to the laughs when she talks about going to the Games. Understand what you’re looking to do and how ridiculous it might seem to established coaches and gym owners. Understand that most gyms, most athletes fuck this all up. Many gyms let competitors run all over the facility and act like they own the place. That’s why they fail, go out of business, and the competitors just move on to other gyms. Our system will be what is best for the gym first, then and only then, what is best for the competitive athlete. If you are not on board with that, please go find another gym. I will not have competitors do anything except motivate, inspire and add to my culture.

I am going to begin giving out some extra work on a given Tier system in May.  Different people need different things, so these will be suggestions. I still recommend Barbell/Gymnastics Club for those of you who NEED coaching in those areas. Doing that work on your own will not net the same results. Period.

Tier 1 Definition:

  • Need to work mainly on intensity. Classic Crossfit girls workouts scores are not where they need to be yet: Karen <5:30 / 6:00, Fran: <2:45/3:00, Jackie: <6:00/6:30, Amanda: <5:00/6:30, Diane: <4:00
  • Extra work will be short, fast, and intense. The goal is to work on intensity and ability to perform inside of discomfort.
  • 2-3x/week – nothing more, class intensity is still paramount.

Tier 2 Definition:

  • Weightlifting numbers are where they need to be, Gymnastics skills are there, engine is okay. You’re a well-rounded athlete, but can’t seem to put together top 100 Open scores.
  • Goal is to train at slightly higher weights & skills under fatigue and consistently.
  • Need to build engine through engine specific / VO2 / capacity workouts.
  • Lots of running.

Tier 3 Definition:

  • You’ve made/qualified for the Games or Regionals as an individual in the past.
  • You’re self-sufficient, have nutrition and rest dialed in, you know your body and need minimal coaching.
  • Work.


To shift from Tier 0 (class programming) to Tier 1 you will need the following:

  • Be an energy giver. Never talk bad about yourself or others.
  • Be actively working on nutrition and rest. Maximizing recovery.
  • Train 5x/week, no more, no less.
  • Log everything on BTWB.
  • Actively perform prehab/rehab.
  • Handle injury issues like an adult, and heed coaches advice.
  • Be coachable.

Tier 1 to Tier 2:

  • All of the above
  • Accomplish 4/5 girls standards on video.
  • Have 5/3 Muscle-Ups, Butterfly pull-ups (that aren’t floppy fishy ones), 100 DU unbroken, 15 T2B UB, 10/5 Strict HSPU Unbroken.
  • BW Snatch (+/- 5lbs), 1.3-1.4x BW C&J, CFTotal above 950/630 (separate, not necessarily in CFT)
  • Run 1mile under 6:30, Row 2k under 7:15 / 8:10
  • Understand what it means to be competitive in this sport: Humility, you’re an inspiring leader to others, you set an example around the facility, you embody the rules/ideals of the gym’s culture.

Tier 2 to Tier 3:

  • You sign-up for, and achieve success in individual competitions. Anyone would be happy to have you on a team for team competitions because of your attitude, work ethic and approach.
  • You can video lifts/gymnastics and understand what you’re doing wrong.
  • You own your own training.
  • You can read the BTWB training and fully understand it and carry it out on your own (it will be complex).