“Iron sharpens iron.”

Required reading #1 — Read these, I don’t care if you’ve read them before, or 2 or 3 times, they carry a different value each year.

Required reading #2

Outside expectations and worrying about what others will think is a waste of time. If you have those fears, it is time to attack them and remove them. Internal expectations from your coach and training partner should be your main concern, your driving force behind pushing yourself and the catalyst to positive change. Here are some expectations for 2017-2018 from your coach:

  • Log every workout, every recovery day, and don’t log every rest day. Do it on BTWB, do it publicly so others can see. Type detailed notes. This will give you very accurate data to look back on at the end of each week/month/year.
  • Have control over your food. Work with Ellie, download MyFitnessPal and start drilling on your macronutrient levels, every week should improve in quality until someone can look at your logs and say you were “perfect” for a week. Cheat meals will naturally occur in the space of socializing, don’t plan for them and don’t do them along unnecessarily by yourself. This allows you to go out and enjoy yourself with friends when you DO go out and have fun. If you’re attempting to be a competitor and your nutrition isn’t dialed in, I don’t take you seriously at all. (Remember yesterday: You can’t do this alone, accept where you need help and get it)
  • Know your process.  It should be written where you see it everyday. It should be 2-3 things that will lead you where you want to go. If I ask you “what’s your process” I should have a confident sentence fired back at me.
  • Fundamental obsession. For those of you who have the opportunity of an early off-season, now is the time to move perfectly.  You should be upset if you lose focus and perform a rep or set ‘sloppy.’  Now is the time to take 1, 5, 15, 75, 10,000 steps back and attack your movement. Your warm-ups should be obsessive over movement improvement, your lifts should be lighter, more crisp and fast, and your gymnastics should be tight, smooth and thoughtful.
  • Be actively working on mental improvement. This could (should) be reading, podcasts, meditation, yoga, playing sports, advancing yourself professionally, impressing your boss by being ahead and taking initiative, engaging with friends, taking long walks or bike rides, being in nature. This is not: being on social media, watching Games athletes PRs, over-indulging in TV or movies, not caring about work, lacking priorities. 
  • Obtain self-awareness and ownership. Honest friends are hard to come by, so are seeing your own blind spots. Training partners, coaches and valued gym friends need to be able to be honest with you. If they can’t be (or if you don’t have anyone in your life who can) that is extremely telling of how you react to criticism. Your first goal is to find someone who can do this for you, your second goal is to sit down and write down what you think your biggest mental weaknesses are, and then ask them (without telling them yours) what your blindspots are and where they think you need to improve.


  • Start working on defining your process: What steps will you take every hour, day, week to get to where you want to be. Get it to where you can tell me in under 20 seconds.
  • Start communicating with potential training partners, start having difficult conversations with each other. Sit down at your house, with no cell phones in reach, no TV on, no distractions, just notebooks and a conversation. Let it naturally flow, don’t force it into a conversation about CrossFit.
  • Get on BTWB, back fill for this week. Download MFP or another nutrition logging app, add your training partner as a friend, keep each other accountable. Email or communicate with Ellie if you haven’t and need to. I’m working on a “competition co-op” idea where we’d basically have a “bad eaters anonymous” competition group that could pay into a group session with Ellie 1x/week to save her time and you money.

Tomorrow we’ll go deeper into expectations as a community member. Like I said, this year will be different. I will 100% support you and love you (probably more) as a 4-5x/week recreational CrossFitter hitting our group classes and heading home. You have to realize these are very different things. However, this year will not just be “Sure, come to Skulls and Sunday training” if you aren’t actively participating in these opportunities for improvement outside the gym. Class will be plenty difficult, class 5x/week with intention and good nutrition will still make you “elite enough” to do very well in local competitions. But we have come to a point in this sport where that alone is barely enough to squeek into Regionals, and our actions must meet our goals.

Days of process complete: 4/4 — Made 35 minutes into Hercules last night, super tough ROMWOD. 1.5hrs of recovery work / mobility and met all 5 of my professional goals yesterday. Macros dialed in now, 98-101% in all 3.