The Process

Package advice: "Can only help reduce weight by not actually eating it."

Our culture is the process.

In CrossFit it is very simple to get caught up in the big picture, distractions and result oriented thinking. Wanting abs, to lose 20lbs, Snatch 250/165, run a sub-6 mile, etc. are all great goals…but goals without a process are wishes. I have no time or patience left for wishes.  In 10 years of CrossFit and 7 years of coaching, I’ve seen the lack of follow-through and personal ownership of the process 100:1 to dedication, discipline and overwhelming success. What we preach is simple: Train with a purpose, sleep well, eat clean foods in acceptable moderation, move more than you sit. Yet everyday our coaches sit and have conversations with adults who cannot complete one of those 4 tasks, let alone 4/4, everyday, for years on end: which is the requirement of a competitor.

Why can’t people follow through on the process? It could be the society we’ve grown up in…we’re slammed all day with commercials for quick and cheap fixes. No one wants to pay for quality anymore, no one is used to listening (or even having) to someone actually willing to help them. It could be that we’re in constant desire for entertainment, movies on demand, netflix, no commercials, INSTAgram, Facebook — and of course Twitter and Snapchat. Quick hits, quick fixes, all the time.  If you can learn to see the bullshit, remove the bullshit and slow down, you will find a plethora of time, energy and effort.

My process (pertaining to training) for this year:

  • Start and end every day with a RomWod. 40-60 minutes on each rest day (Thursday/Sunday), paired with CrossOver Symmetry and thoracic mobility.
  • Train with a clear purpose, and see the benefits of training when I feel like shit. I’m older now, my body has taken abuse from years of moving poorly and not addressing mobility with a full heart. That means some days I’ll be beat up.  Training that way has value. I know I can perform well when I’m on my A-Game…but I want to be great when I’m on my c, d and F-Game. This takes training, patience and an optimistic look at every set, situation and day.
  • Verbalize what I’m grateful for to my teammates, and what I need from them. Create relationships of honest communication to better myself and the group.
  • Measure food each day, if I expect it of you, I need to live it also. Cutting out dairy is very hard for me, but I’m doing it also.
  • Log every workout, every day, if I expect it of you, I need to live it.
  • Practice HSPU (Kip 1st, deficit 2nd, strict 3rd) every day, and work OHS everyday (PVC->Max).

Days of full process completed: 2/2, so far I’m tracking today for 3/3. I will keep a running tally each day at the bottom of the page of my percentage/days completed vs. attempted. No excuses, this will help keep me accountable and I look forward to the challenge.

My Goal is the process. That is my long term goal, and my short term goal. My hourly, daily,  and yearly goals. If I complete these things each day, I will reach greater things: like a heavier OHS, better HSPU, faster workout times and bigger lifts. There is no foreseeable need or use (in my eyes) to sit down and set out numbers. If I do these things, and maximize each day, but instead I make a goal to OHS 315, and at the end of the year I only get to 305…why would I ever be disappointed? My process maximized each day to the best my time and patience would allow. That’s all I could do.

To be frustrated by not achieving some arbitrary number makes me the same person as the guy who comes in 50lbs overweight, wants to lose 30lbs in a month, and “Oh, I ate kinda well, I worked out some days, but then I wasn’t losing weight fast enough so I quit and went back to eating shitty and sitting around all day.”  You wanted the quick easy fix, you wanted it on the cheap, and you put your focus on the end goal…not the process. That is wishful thinking and in our culture for 2018, it has no place. 


Days of full process completed: 2/2

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  1. I thought this was really good. Focusing on the process is something I tried to work on for the past few months- a work in progress….

    and wait….no chocolate milk either?

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