Intro to 2017-2018 Season


“Never underestimate how hard it will be, or how long it will take” – Justin Su’a

Something I have wanted to do for quite awhile now is have a legit website of my own and a place to grow myself and our community. I dabbled with this in 2014-2016, reaching a pinnacle that overwhelmed me and I made a common mistake. I made things too complex, I lost sight of the simple things and I tried to please everyone with everything.

A big part of my focus for the next season is to bring back the blog, the community of competition and provide ‘free’ extra work. A few thoughts on this:

  • Our biggest strength is our community and each other. Many people in our group (myself included) took steps to separate and seclude. This is unacceptable and makes us weaker.
  • To be a part of this group you will need to be a mentally strong individual. One who is actively taking steps to work on being mentally stronger every single day. A part of that is going to be frequently getting honest feedback. If you cannot improve, are stubborn or uncoachable, you will not be invited to train with us.
  • If you are not taking recovery, training or nutrition seriously – You will not be invited to train with us.
  • If you talk negatively about teammates or coaches without having a face-to-face conversation with them, you will not be invited to train with us.
  • If you aren’t actively pursuing a happy life outside of the walls of FCF, you will not be invited to train with us.
  • The culture that we are creating will be one of support, hard work, team work and growth. I don’t want to hear anyone tell the group “Good Job”, that is fake support and shows me that you don’t care about individuals success, you just want to appear to be supportive. Instead, challenge your teammates. Tell them “Go faster”, “Be Smart, breath”, “Fix your body language”, “Deeper squats, move better”, etc. Those are useable, actionable comments that will help our group improve, while at the same time – showing that person you care. In the end, tell them honestly “I’m proud of the effort you gave today” or “I think you could’ve gone harder” or “You didn’t come prepared to train today, what’s going on?”

Climbing a mountain takes one difficult step after another. Through those steps you are forged into a harder/better person. Define what your ‘peak’ is, and start working on your process. Your process will define how successful each step you take is. You cannot skip steps, you cannot skip the process and magically end up at the peak of your mountain. Moreover, beyond your peak are many other peaks. If you think that making regionals, making the Games, finishing top 250, top 100, etc. are going to bring you happiness – I am here to tell you: They will certainly not. 

Your goal is the process and the people that you make better along the way with you, the relationships you build and the community you strengthen. That is where true happiness lies. 

One thought on “Intro to 2017-2018 Season

  1. Chop wood and carry water (or farmer’s bars) every day! Climb the mountain-the rough side of the mountain! Eat that elephant-one bite at a time!


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